Neurosurgery Referrals

Rutland House Referrals is excited to announce the expansion of our modern facilities with the state of the art 1.5T MRI scanner. This MRI scanner alongside our already established CT scanner and physiotherapy facilities means we are delighted to be able to offer the ability to accept Neurosurgery referrals.

Over the last decade advancements in orthopaedic implants, 3D printing technologies and by providing intense post-operative physiotherapy many neurological conditions can now be offered surgical intervention to provide a sustainable long-term quality of life.

Rutland House Referrals being a Neurosurgery and Spinal Trauma Centre can provide a smooth, uncomplicated, 24/7 referral service in either routine or advanced neurosurgical cases regardless of if they are acute or chronic in nature. The following list are examples of neurological disorders we are happy to accept for referrals.

  •  Brain surgery: Tumour removal, hydrocephalus shunting, quadrigeminal cyst shunting,
    arachnoid cyst shunting, Chiari malformation (COMS) cranioplasty, skull fractures.
  • Cervical spine: Atlantoaxial instability, wobbler syndrome (distraction-stabilization,
    multiple sites of instability).
  • Thoracolumbar spine: Surgical stabilization of hemivertebra, spinal fracture/luxation,
    disc prolapse in large breed dogs (stabilization).
  • Lumbosacral spine: Distraction and stabilization for a lumbosacral stenosis,
    lumbosacral fracture/stabilization. 
  • Rare spinal conditions (cysts, tumours): Diagnostics and surgery

We now offer a £6'000 fixed price Spinal Package* 

This includes:

  •  MRI scan 
  • Spinal decompression surgery (hemilaminectomy, modified corpectomy, ventral slot, distraction - stabilisation)
  • Two days of hospitalisation
  • Two follow up post-op checks

* The consultation fee is not included in the package price. The cost of the implants if required is additional: approximately £1000-£1500

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Spinal Surgery

Spinal Surgery 

Foramen magnum decompression



Ventral Slot

Hemi and Mini – Hemilaminectomy

Distraction Fusion

Vertebral fractures

Atlantoaxial subluxation

Dorsal Laminectomy

Spinal Trauma

24hr nursing care and hospitalisation with physiotherapy and hydrotherapy